Custom Footer

You can design a custom footer using Custom Layout module available with Astra Pro. Please refer document, to begin with, Custom Layout module.

This is a premium feature available with the Astra Pro Addon plugin. The Astra theme and Astra Pro Addon are installed and activated on your website.

Selecting a Footer layout will replace the current site footer with custom layout content. In this case, any settings from customizer will not be applied to a custom footer.

You can design footer with any page builder and set them on the entire site or on a particular page/post with display rules.

Options available for Footer layout-

  • Stick– You can choose your custom footer to be sticky or not.
  • Stick On– When Stick is enabled, you can choose to stick footer on Desktop and/or mobile.

Sticky Footer option is useful when your content is less and it cannot cover page length. In this case, the sticky footer will stick to the bottom of the page no matter what your content length is.

 Display On and User Roles

You can choose your custom footer to display on the entire website or on specific pages/posts with Display On option. You can even exclude a particular page/post by adding them to the Exclusion Rule.
You can decide a user role for which custom footer should be visible. For excluded users, the footer set with customizer options will be visible.

For example:
If you want to display custom footer on Entire Website except for 404 page for all Logged In users, you need to set the following options-

  • Display On: Entire Website
  • Add Exclusion Rule and set Do Not Display On: 404 Page
  • User Roles: Logged In

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